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HISTORY - How it all started

In Eldoret town, parents had been going through difficulties in ensuring that their children receive quality primary and secondary education in a well established and conducive learning environment. The Gulab Lochab families decided to establish a Primary school with an administration block by donating the under utilized Sikh Union Club. After lengthy discussions and having considered all the advantages, the management committee gave an approval to the two families. The school would be affiliated to Sikh Union Club. In appreciation of the generous donation, the two families were granted permission to name the school Gulab Lochab Academy. The ground breaking ceremony took place on the proposed site, on 13th April 1993  and was done by Mata Dhankaur Lochab . The school opened it doors on 10th January 1994 at 8:15 AM with an intake of one hundred and fifty three children and twelve teachers including the headmaster. The first assembly was an exhilarating experience for all parents and members of the public who witnessed for themselves the transformation of A Dream Into Reality . Classes were started without delay at exactly 9:30 AM. .. After an unbelievable contract period of nine months, the Gulab Lochab Academy was finally a reality, setting a special record in every sense. With Primary section complete and well enrolled, the Board of Govenors embarked on the secondary school project. Mr. Narinder Singh Lochab (Kaka) and Mr. Satish S. Shah took up the challenge of looking for the prospective donors. With blessings from the Almighty, they managed to secure donations for eight class rooms and two science labs, from ten families who were equally concerned about the welfare and academic growth of the younger generation. Assured of the good funding, construction work began in February 1994 and the entire Secondary block was ready by December. Secondary started as planned in January 1995, offering science subjects (Mathematics, physics, Chemistry, Biology) and arts (Geography and History ) and languages such as Kiswahili, English language, Gujarati, Punjabi and French. Other subjects are Computer studies and Fine Arts.
Today the school boasts of highly qualified staff, ultra modern learning and recreational facilities.